how to become an underwriter? Improve the knowledge and underwriting skills of your PI/D&O underwriting team & provide the optimum development opportunities for your junior underwriting staff

Thinking about becoming an underwriter? But, you're still wondering how to become an underwriter? Maybe you're thinking about upskilling your passionate junior staff with valuable underwriting skills? Believe it or not - the best way to learn is 'on the job' and 70% of human learning happens this way. So, rather than schedule training in a room (actual or virtual) with lengthy presentations, we work on real-life underwriting scenarios and even live risks, if you have them.

We bring to life the key questions your PI/D&O underwriters should be asking themselves when assessing a risk, or a renewal, providing answers when and where you need them.

Learning objectives from our PI/D&O underwriting training include:

  • Understanding of the product, your wording features and how the policy supports claims
  • Traffic-light (red, amber & green) underwriting appetite guides
  • Exploring methods for technically pricing a risk (as an add-on or stand alone risk)
  • Learning how to negotiate a renewal successfully
  • Discovering how to decline a risk correctly

Training is delivered in a series of short workshops which will:

  1. Use practical case studies, rather than a deck of slides, to engage learning
  2. Use actual opportunities you are seeing or likely scenarios you will see
  3. Set attendees “homework” on these scenarios, to work on together next time

If you're unsure on how to become an underwriter, our team can help you decide what services and training are right for you.

Do get in touch to explore your PI/D&O training needs further.