Every Change Starts with an Idea

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Every change starts with an idea.

But how many of these new ideas actually survive implementation?  Why is the effective management of organizational change so important?

As business leaders, we are trained to be creative, to find better ways of working, always looking expand our organisation’s capability. Standing still is rarely viewed as successful business activity.

We are often good at planning and we have people with the confidence to implement these new ideas, so we “crack on” and put them into practice, usually as quickly as possible.  It therefore comes as rather a shock when our plans fail to meet the approval of our colleagues or customers. Even more surprising, once we have overcome the organisational resistance to the change, we discover our plans don’t actually work in practice.

A new management discipline has emerged to help increase the chances of implementing successful business change and it is called change management.

Here is a priority checklist of what you should be asking your change managers to deliver for you:
• helping your organization recognise the need for change and define what that change is
• assessing the organization’s readiness for change and improving its appetite to do so
• measure the impact of the change and helping you plan how to prepare for this
• supporting your people’s engagement with projects, process improvements and new technology
• overall, helping to sustain and embed the change in your organization

FUSE is a niche business management consultancy practice, which specialises in change management. We can help with all of the above. We can also help set up a change capability inside your organisation.

For more information, or to schedule a first conversation, please get in touch.

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